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I used to work in a fire hydrant factory, but I mean you could never park anywhere near the place!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well deserved break!

So just here at the ol library taking a well deserved break. Been here since 115 and it is now 846pm. Gross, and to make matters even worse I will be back here at 10 am tomorrow to do some more studying. So i think this is a long enough break now ttygl!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Quick Post!

Just a quick little note because I have been slacking with the posts lately! I have 3 exams right in a rown this week so I really have to study hardcore and won't be able to publish for like a week ok, sorry guys. But I did put a couple of fun pics on for you guys because I have had trouble putting them in my album on Patrick's page. Goodluck to everyone with their exams, and I'll be talking to all of ya soon! xoxox Later Dayz!!!!

Hawaiian Night with the girls!!!! (and Adam hehehe) Posted by Hello

Everyone makes fun of me for taking pics of myself, but like really they turn out great, and make awesome dislplay pics! Posted by Hello

I love this pic!!!! Posted by Hello

the crew Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

God love Mckays!!!! Posted by Hello

Napoleon Boots!!! Posted by Hello

Hottness! Posted by Hello

I think she got a drink spilled on her? Posted by Hello

Love my Mckay! Posted by Hello