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I used to work in a fire hydrant factory, but I mean you could never park anywhere near the place!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Feeling down these past few days. Missin' everyone. Also do you ever get that feeling when you have been seeing someone for such a long time, you break up, and you know it's kind of a bad thing but you miss the person soooooo much. Even though you know that if you happen to get back together that you will just end up being hurt in the long run. It's hard, and you know that you miss "being" with the person, but most of all you just miss the cuddling and the talking. It's like loosing your best friend and like part of you is missing. I hate it so much, you feel as though that there is no one else there because really, where are you actually going to meet someone new, the 3 mile? Yea right. I'm just being a Debbie Downer for now. Although I am going out tomorrow night to see Chippendales (male exotic dancers), maybe they will help. I'm just here being lonely and all I do is read, yuck! I am officially classifying myself as a huge loser now. Sometimes I could just kick myself. I'm out...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I HATE CARS!!!!!!!

Ok first of all I would just like to point out the fact cars are really annoying! Yea that's right another eventful breakdown for me. At least this time I made it to the gas station though!!! I am actually quite proud of myself, because usually when my car dies I freak out, this time I kept it cool. The routine is getting to be some what annoying though, I don't really enjoying hanging out at gas staions in a freezing car. I did ask this guy for help though to boost my car he was pretty cool and all, too bad it only started for like a minuted and then dies again. DAMN YOU VOLKSWAGON!!!!!! I'm just joking I actually quite enjoy my car when the battery doesn't die, wires don't break, altenator dies, altenator brackets snap, windows roll up, exhausts systems stay on, and umm oh yea power sterring line doesn't crack!!!!! Other then that I love my little lamb, she is beautiful!!!! Cosmetically she is awesome but mechanically.....not so good. Oh well what can you do a car is a car and most people my age can't say that they have their own car I guess.
On another note Adam I think that you should stop bitching about mine and Patrick's blog and start wrting your own again JERK.....jk you know I love you!!! I would just like to say that I miss you guys sooooo much, the girls are fun and all, but seriously I like the boys better! It's been a little lonely :( This weekend I'm going to see strippers though so I guess that's like hanging out with the boys.........I am soooooo joking with that one they are like old men, I'm still going though hehehe.
I finally saw Napoleon Dynamtie!!!!! I loved that movie so much (in fact have like a 3 day late charge HAHAHAH)! Do you know who he reminds me of, as one person as a brother. As a bunch of people combined I would have to say Brad Carrier (voice), Alex Steel, Andrew Harvery (mannerisms) and you Pat, just for the random shit that he says "what the flip was Grandma doin' on the sand dunes"! I love you Pat! Oh good times now I have a new movie to quote from....Mean Girls is still there though "love that shirt on you biotch"! So yea I think that is about all I have to talk about for now, oh wait yes "later days(z?)" is from the Weekenders (I love cartoons...secretly I am a little kid at heart). For a while I was always saying that and I figured that I should bust it out again. Oh and about the whole Kraft Diner thing....remember Mario KD....yea that's right, I said MARIO KD!!!! Also remember when they tried to make like spagetti Kd ewwwww what were they thinking. That reminds me, today I tried popcorn that tasted like Kraft Diner (it was supposed to be cheese flavour maybe????) I really do not recommend it YUCK not cool messing with popcorn like that. Anyways I am off to do some reading!!! Miss you guys, love you xoxoxoxoxoxox.
P.S. Patrick can you please tell me how to post a picture because it is wanting to be diffcult and not let me do it!!!! Thanks! xo

Saturday, January 22, 2005

I used to work in a fire hydrant factory, but i mean you could never park near the place!

Enough with cold already!

Not too much been going on these past 2 days. I wrote my Lifespan Development midterm on Friday and it was brutally hard and I even studied my ass off for that, but you never know what to expect with the first test/midterm with a new prof. After that Littlejohn has set a new record for himself, 211 "rights" in one class I really don't understand how someone can say that word so many times. CrAzY!!! So on my 2 hour break Lindsay and I totally hit up Sport Chek so that I could buy some new snow pants and the were totally not going to give the 25% off that they were advertising right above the pants, but thanks to Lindsay the customer is always right! And besides that's not even the point if you are advertising something right by the item you don't go and argue that you not, like really come on?? I actually went back to my last class after that which is English and it's not really a party on a Friday afternoon. Hahaha this was my first time actually going on a Friday to that class this semester. Oops!
Later on that night I planned with Mckay and Lindsay to go sliding at the rec center. I tried inviting everyone else to go as well but they were like are you crazy it is freezing outside!! I didn't care I just wanted to go sliding like honestly though who cares how cold it is your going sliding and it's winter it's going to be cold out any time that you want to go. While I was waiting for Mckay to get back from town and Lindsay to get off work I entertained myself by reading (I know I am a huge loser) but really I just want to do good in school I can't help it! I get the call from them and they too decide that it was too cold to go sliding. I was not impressed. Instead we substituted for watching Napoleon Dynamite, which I must say was an excellent choice because that movie is hilarious. I definetly have a new movie to quote from now, so watch out!!! So yea that was my eventful Friday night, today well I am a big loser and spent the whole day cleaning my room and yes tonight I am again doing some more reading. We were supposed to go to Poley (well everyone still went) but it is a toasty -32 degrees outside and frankly I really didn't feel like getting frostbite on top of a sinus infection thank you. So yea I will keep you posted on what else is going on. Later days

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Stop messing with the KD!!!!!!

So I made myself some Kraft Diner the other day and it wasn't the regular kind, it was the extra creamy kind (yea don't buy it). Why do they have to mess with something that has already been perfected???? Like I make awesome KD but these stuff was gross it just turned out to go into one big blob of gooey grossness. I mean I really know my KD and this could not be classified as KD like what were they thinking about mean they made this. Anyways I informed my mom that she was not to buy that again and just to stick to Original brand of KD (this also applies with easy macs don't buy the extra cheesy kind).
Not too much has really been going on lately ever since classes have started again. I really don't do too much now except for read, I guess that could be a good thing but sometimes you just get bored after a while and you brain feels like you can't cram anymore information into it. There is always the 3 mile though on Saturday nights but like I said I haven't been actually going out because I have a lot of work to do. Actually right now I should be studying for a midterm that I have tomorrow, but I'm just taking a quick little break to inform everyone of the past days (not like anything interesting happened). I have been going to the gym more lately though which is totally awesome because I'm so hardcore biker now still can't do the eliptical though that is the death of me! One of these days maybe!!! Only thing is though is that I don't think the gym really serves a purpose if you pig out afterwards???? Well maybe if they are healthy treats right? Like right now Iam soooo addicted to like these yogurt parfait things with strawberries and granola (you can't tell me that they are not a healthy snack)!!! I suggested you try one at your local superstore (or for you kids on the rock dominion). That reminds me actually, Pat, the GT Boutiques is actually just a fancy name for Giant Tiger!!! So don't laugh because you know that you secretly love it too!!! Well anyways enough of me bantering on I have to get back to studying!!!!!! until we meet again....

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I love snow days!!!!

So I am a little disappointed in myself, I have not written an entry since my first one. Iam slack I know, but hey I have been busy. Like Saturday I so did some hardcore shopping at the GT Boutique like really pants for 10 dollars (that are sweet by the way) you can't go wrong with that right! Mckay and I took Adam with us and perhaps this could have been a mistake because all he did the whole time was complain and then statred to bash. Look when you are with Mc and Jew you do not make fun of the GT!! Who cares what people think if you shop there is what I say because I always find some sweet stuff there!!
Oh Saturday nights at the 3 mile!!! Sometimes I can totally out do myself like drinking 2 drinks at once in less then a minute that is hardcore JJew style there I haven't done that in a long time but I loved it!! I must say though the highlight of my night was taking Megan's 15 year old sister with us to the bar! Really come on 15 now she is totally hard core props out to her for that!! There was no guy in the bathroom to tell off this time it was a little disappointing because sometimes I like being threatened to be stabbed....soooo joking about that one but it was funny at the time. Ending off the night bargaining with cab drivers was definetly a good time because I will never pay 50 bucks for a cab ride again (Jerkface).
And on to today... it was lovely!!! I love snow days because I got to sleep in and watch Mean Girls!!! I added a little Harry Potter in there as well, not as good as Mean Girls but still good in it's own kind of way!!! Now I am just taking a little break from reading because like all students that is a big part of the day...well at least mine that is but I am a loser. So hopefully this will do until the next time I have a spare moment in my busy day...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

J Jew!

So I'm goth now???

Don't you just love when you dye your hair and it doesn't turn out the colour you want it to be?? Well maybe if they actually put the correct colour on the box you would end up with your desired colour. Oh hair is just a little black...good thing it washes out!! So Lindsay and I went to the gym today for a hardcore 2 hours!!!! It was intense and good times. Gotta love going on the treadmill and listening to music and all at the same time (I don't recommend you do this unless you are talented like me and can LeAn BaCk!!). Who cares if people look at you funny, your only having fun right?? So that is the extent of my day besides some good eats provided by the lovely atanlic superstore, I highly recommend their fruit and yogurt parfaits because they are PRIME eats!!! until we meet again.....